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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Geocode with Papervision3D and Adobe Flex Sample

Mark Walters wrote:

Representing exact geographic locations on the earth, or geocoding, has become a popular topic lately. All the mapping service providers, such as Google, MapQuest, and Yahoo!, geocode addresses on their respective maps so you can easily see a specific location and get directions between multiple locations. With each of these services now providing public APIs, anyone can create mashups showcasing data of all types (such as photos, videos, and RSS feeds) on maps to link the data visually to a geographic location. Allowing people to so easily associate data geographically has opened up new realms of information visualization on the web. RSS feeds not only provide news from around the world, but they can also display exactly where the news is coming from. Family and friends can follow along with you on your vacation as you post pictures and tag them with each city you visit. Geocoding opens up all kinds of possibilities. Plotting the points in 2D on the maps provided by the different service providers is the most common way to view the information. But you can also view geodata on a globe of the earth in 3D via Adobe Flash by using the open-source 3D library Papervision3D. Papervision3D is an open-source, real-time 3D engine for Flash. Using this library, you can get up to speed quickly and easily with a fully interactive 3D environment.
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