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Friday, November 21, 2008

URLKit - Advanced Flex Deep Linking Library

UrlKit supports Adobe Flex applications that need to expose URLs and window titles in the browser to represent their state. These URLs can be bookmarked, accessed via the Back button, etc. Such states typically represents some notion of location within the app, but in general can be mapped to any aspect of the application.
Specifically, UrlKit provides:
  • a Javascript library for deep linking in Flex 2 (in Flex 3, this is provided by the platform)
  • a library of declarative rule objects that describes the lexical elements of the application's URL and bidirectionally binds them to variables
  • a sample application
Joe Berkovitz developed UrlKit in collaboration with Todd Rein of Adobe. To find out why, read the Rationale.
The example:
Click change state button, and look at your browser back button. NOTE: IE 6 user, please View example in a new window